Mrs. Bolduc's Second Grade

    Mrs. Bolduc is a really nice teacher. She gives us a lot of hard work, but she has very fun activities. She has a jar of marbles in her room, that when we do something wonderful, she puts a marble in the jar. If we are having problems listening, we might lose a marble. When the jar gets full, we will get a special surprise. Mrs. Bolduc enjoys American history. She gives us funny riddles that we have to solve for homework. We do Fundations homework. Fundations is a program that teaches us how to write and spell. Some of the words in Fundations are very tricky. For instance, we might not always hear the final letter, and we have to think  if is a silent e at the end. We do other work in phonics as well.

    We learned about Johnny Appleseed. We did a lot of activities about him. His real name was John Chapman, and he loved nature. He liked to plant apple trees where ever he went, so he got the nickname "Johnny Appleseed". We also learned a lot about apples. We went to an apple orchard, Champlain  Orchards. The orchard had many different types of apples. They have Macintosh, Empire, Honeycrisp, and Wolf River apple. The Wolf River apples are very large, they might be seven inches around. We got to pick apples while we were there. Each student got a five pound bag to bring home.  They don't waste apples at the orchard; they make applesauce, apple cider, apple butter, and apple pies.

    We made applesauce with the kitchen with some of the apples we picked. The apples were cooked whole and then we had a grinder that grinds all the apples and separated the skins and seeds from the apples. We got to taste it and it was delicious.
 We are writing about fall. We are writing about things that happen in the fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving, jumping in leaves, the leaves change colors, are some of the things we write about.
    We had five caterpillars in our room. They came from California. They are called Painted Lady Butterflies. They turned into chrysalises. Even though one fell to the ground, they all hatched. When they first come out, their wings are tiny and all crumpled up. Then they  pump fluid from the bodies to make their wings bigger and then they have to wait for the wings to dry. They are all healthy. After they hatch, we put them in a net and release them. Just like many other butterflies, their life cycle starts with an egg, then a caterpillar, then a chrysalis, then a butterfly, then the butterfly lays an egg and the cycle begins again.

     We will learn about the Pilgrims this year. They moved to America because England was controlling them.

    We have three reading groups. There are about four or five students in each group. Every group has a different book or story that they read. One group read a book about flowers, a book about animals and one about "A Boy Who Cried Wolf." Another group read a book about space travel, a folk tale about Chicken Little, and a book about solar power.

    In our math class, we are learning about money and time. There are a lot of coins: a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar. We have math papers that we use to learn about this.
That is a fun thing to learn about.

  We have journals that we write in every day. In our morning journal and we can write whatever we want to in that journal. Our other journal, we have to write what our teacher tells us. For instance, we write about our painted lady butterflies in our journal and tell how they have changed.

     Our school is special because it has a garden. We try to be healthy students. This year, we worked in the garden and picked zucchini and beets. We picked 25 pounds of beets.   We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in school. We also get to eat kale chips. We try a little of everything in the cafeteria. 

 We celebrate our birthdays at school. We get a crown and we can bring in a snack to share.

    We have specials at school. Monday, we have library with Ms. Chamberlin. She reads us a book and then we check out books to take home to read. Tuesdays, we have physical education with Ms. Wilson. She helps us get stronger. Ms. Wilson makes sure that we get lots of exercise and we get to learn soccer skills. We don't have soccer teams during the school day. Wednesdays we have art and guidance. In art class, we draw and paint. Sometimes we make sculptures with clay.  In guidance, we often go outside and play games. She is teaching us how to be a good sport and share. After the game, we talk about what we did. Thursdays we have physical education and music. In music, we are learning apple songs and we have a movement of the month. Sometimes we dance to a song that might be funny or help us get calm. One of our favorite songs is Dance Like There's No Tomorrow.  On Fridays, we have technology. We do some work and some games in technology. We go on the internet to do some of our work. We like, this is a place where we practice our math facts. We also have, our school code is vt96. Some of our favorite websites are, and We use KidPix 3D to draw pictures.


   by Natalie, Ben, and Tyler

Funny Second Grade Riddles

What kind of animal needs oil?
Mice, they squeak.

What runs but can't walk?
A big drop of water.

How many sides does an apple have?
Two, inside and outside!


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