Addison Northwest Supervisory Union

SECTION: Students 



ACS: _________


FCS: _________


VUES: _________


VUHS:     02/11/87

POLICY: Graduation Requirements for Earning a Vergennes UHS Diploma

 ANWSU: _________ 


Each student, in order to graduate, will have successfully completed the following units in the Vergennes Union High School curriculum, or an I.E.P. and/or Multi-Year Plan, approved by the high school administration.


a.         4 units of English


b.                  5 units of Math/Science, to include:

2 units Math

1 unit Biological science

1 unit Physical Science

1 unit additional Math or Science


c.         1 unit of United States History


d.         2 units of additional Social Studies


e.         1 unit of Fine Arts (Art, Music


f.          1 1/2 units of Physical Education


g.         1/2 unit of Health/First Aid


h.         6 units of electives from the curriculum provided by the Vergennes Union High School during the four-year high school period.


Twenty-one graduation (21unit credits will be required for graduation.